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Posted on: April 13, 2011

Just discovered from a source that Simon Le Bon is a moody diva, but wonderful, too. Imagine that. I’ve never heard of a celebrity human with changeable emotions–or any human for that matter. I’d be disappointed if he were placid. Have gone from being a Zola heroine to Mathilde Loisel in thirty seconds. Only difference, I do love my current life and substitute celebs for necklace.

Is anyone following The Killing? Dish watched first fifteen minutes and while Gingie heroine and unknowns could appeal, it was like seeing paint dry. Do I continue?

Reading lots of diet books and they seem to say the same thing: no processed foods, sugar, eat less, work out more, and, gag, eat lots of, gag, veggies and whole grains. Does anyone have new, surprising information that doesn’t involve chemistry sets, diarrhea-inducing smoothies or expensive food delivery? No.


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