Dish Upon a Star

Will You Be Watching the Royal Wedding?

Posted on: April 13, 2011

William and Kate’s wedding. Does Dish wake up early to watch live or DVR? So many options in the modern age. I thought I cared more about the wedding, but as it turns out, I was more interested in MY wedding.

The Flip Cam is no longer. Was it something we said?

Is it my imagination or is Nurse Jackie not as good this season? Maybe it’s because she’s not having sex with Eddie. I still enjoy her hidden pill popping.

We’re seeing The Book of Mormon on Broadway this weekend. Not surprised it’s getting good reviews since it’s written by geniuses. Broadway isn’t used to great writing these days.

Dish Confessions and Thoughts:

1. If Nick Rhodes and I worked together, we would have creative differences.
2. I’d like to be one of the Real Housewives…just for a week.
3. Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Rue looked more beautiful with extra poundage.
4. My ultimate girl crushes are Katherine Moennig and Jane Lynch. (I broke up with Jennifer Connelly due to low visibility)
5. The little mics hooked to actors on stage really bother me. What happened to projecting?
6. Worried about Natalie Portman’s romantic future.
7. I don’t believe the rumor that Scarlett Johansson is pregnant with Sean Penn’s child. I think she’s just fleshy because she doesn’t exercise. Still gorgeous (see #3).


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