Dish Upon a Star

Makeup Melting and It’s Not Even 9 AM

Posted on: April 14, 2011

I can totally sympathize with Catherine Zeta-Jones. This tap dancing T Mobile goddess checked into a facility to treat her Bipolar Disorder. Who knew she suffered from this? I’d need to be hospitalized if TG had just gone through chemo/radiation for throat cancer, along with long court battle with rubber-faced ex-wife. Get well soon, CZJ!

On a happier note, Scarlett has allegedly moved in with Sean Penn. 24 year age difference but love is love. Dish wants to know, who’s the bigger slob. I’d venture that it’s Scarlett. She seems like the type to leave pizza crusts under the bed.

Kobe Bryant issued a gay slur during a game. It always shocks me when sports figures act badly. Maybe he can buy someone a big diamond bauble and make it all go away.

I thought the mob was so ten years ago, but apparently the Gotti story is being made into a movie starring John Travolta and Lindsay Lohan. I can see John–especially after his excellent stint as Clinton in Primary Colors, but Lindsay won’t do more than sport an accent and look blonde. I hope I’m surprised.


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