Dish Upon a Star

All My Children and One Life to Live Cancelled!

Posted on: April 15, 2011

What will Susan Lucci do? Maybe she’ll have her own reality show where she looks for a job. Maybe she’ll join the temping pool, which will give her new experiences. No, wait…I have it…SHE’LL JOIN THE CAST OF BROTHERS & SISTERS and play Sally Field’s LONG LOST SISTER. There, I’ve put myself into an ecstatic coma.

Dish is embarking on a new project: The Gwen Stefani Challenge. For one week, I must put my face on and dress nicely before leaving the house or before TG even sees me in the morning. Gwen Stefani starts the day in full makeup and never lets herself slack off in ratty house skank-wear. Can I do this? I will need a haircut first.

Sally Field cast as Mary Todd Lincoln alongside Daniel Day Lewis. I can see it now, Sally in hoop skirt, “Abe, you have GOT to free the slaves, goddammit. Otherwise, this Civil War won’t be so civil.”


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