Dish Upon a Star

Stream of Consciousness

Posted on: April 20, 2011

Last night’s Glee peaked over Sue’s League of Doom. Cheyenne Jackson, always underused. And straight. Saw him enter Viceroy in a regal flourish. Officially waking up at 4am to watch royal wedding. Cat howling over injustice that I could be typing, not petting. Jerry Seinfeld may be against the royal wedding hoopla but WHAT DOES IT HURT, sour grapes who had his moment in the sun? Sudden malaise remedied by Matzo and pudding, but not together. TG says Matzo as fattening as loaf of bread and I keep crunching and fantasizing about butter. Must curtail thoughts of watching Mad Men and ironing clothes. This is not Little House on the Prairie, but rather Working Girl where heroine puts nose to the grindstone. Chores may be fun but work pays the bills. Grand decision: Will foray into the work of Tyler Perry whose Medea character flirts with me from screen. Charlie Sheen still no custody. Dish is Lady Liberty–Bring me your wrinkled clothes, your children via crack-addled parents, your manuscripts with typos.

Nick and Simon on Chelsea Lately DVRed for Dish’s viewing pleasure after work is done.


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