Dish Upon a Star

How Long Can I Make This Box of See’s Candy Last?

Posted on: April 21, 2011

I broke down and watched Brothers & Sisters: When is the underwear model leaving Sarah to go back to Samantha on Sex and the City where he belongs? Sally Field in a black negligee. What a tramp! Spoiler: Knew Beau Bridges would leave, leaving Sally to do some excellent sobbing. She needs someone much younger and more inappropriate. The big shocking twist at the end was totally expected by Dish. Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig will do anything to get their daughter back on.

Ethan Hawke’s wife is pregs. He’s a novelist.

High is closing after 8 performances. Kathleen Turner will rise again. How about Serial Mom 2?

It seems Michaele Salahi will do anything to get into the news. Crashed the Obama party. Was on Real Housewives of D.C. but alienated everyone and show got canceled. Announced her Multiple Schlerosis, but we know she’s got something else wrong. Went on Celebrity Rehab and got kicked off because she’s not addicted to anything (except fame), tried to get her sexy pics into Playboy and was refused. Now claims to have a stalker–which, as you know, ups your famous points. I’d say she has a shot on Dancing With the Stars, but this list just makes me too sad. She and the Montag-Pratts need to release a sex tape. Otherwise, gone in 60 seconds, dontcha think?

Classic line from last night’s Modern Family: “I’m just glad my clown training prepared me to take a fall like that.” God is not love. It is Eric Stonestreet.


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