Dish Upon a Star

Quinoa Is the New Black

Posted on: April 22, 2011

Saw Brad Womack and Emily Maynard on the cover ofas having broken up. Couldn’t resist and forked over the $2.99. I find L&S largely unreliable but perhaps it held a kernel of truth. Brad and Emily seemed shaky as a couple, which destroyed me.

Last night’s The Office made me cry, mostly because Steve Carrell was crying. Those tears looked real.

Jerry Seinfeld and Donald Trump in a war of words. At least Donald Trump says interesting things. When I say interesting, I mean outrageous and illogical. They could both be used as landfill, though Jerry gets a pass for Seinfeld.

Spike Lee is dissing Tyler Perry for his work. Envy is a bitch.

And if you weren’t convinced of the copious amount of Hollywood humping, Mary McCormack is pregs!

Leeza Gibbons got hitched. I get her mixed up with Vanna White, who hawks yarn for Lionsbrand. A shout-out to brassy blond hostesses and letter-turners over 40! I adore Vanna’s work ethic.


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