Dish Upon a Star

I Love You, Tom Ford

Posted on: April 25, 2011

But not in *that* way. A Single Man was a visually stunning, stylish film. While shopping for frames, I remembered how that movie made me feel. My failing, bright blue eyes alit on these dark purple almost tortoise (turtle?) shell glasses with “Tom Ford” stamped on a removable sticker. They were gorgeous (expensive) and, as usual for once, I splurged on something designer. Cannot wait to wear Tom Ford.

More babies. Are the stars trying to tell Dish something? It’s alleged that Hugh Grant might have knocked up A WOMAN. For those who want me to focus on his work and not his personal life, well, HE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING and we’re all waiting with bated breasts. Love Hugh!

I might have read that President Sarkozy has created a zygote with Carla Bruni. How could that happen when she’s 43 (;))? To offset this procreation, one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses pulled a Britney and dumped him via text.

Stop teasing me, People Magazine, with your glossy article on how Julia’s kids love her cooking. Way to bury the lead about her new film collaboration with her sister and husband, Jesus Henry Christ. People, do you really want Dish to try to cook? I’m a little Single White Female when it comes to Julia Roberts and now will need to make a film with TG and Dishbrother. My hair now is like hers from The Mexican, except for puffier.

I read somewhere that Gale Harold joined other celebs in supporting youths (or Tribeca Film Festival, did not read closely due to lack of Tom Ford glasses) and played some soccer yesterday in the city. Dish is so glad not to have been invited since I’m a married woman now and Gale, surely, wouldn’t have liked temptation itself staring at him fixedly as he tried to play. Now TG is going to pull out his own star-crushes, Snooki and Christina Aguilera. He’s going to kill me for writing this. But I did laundry and vacuumed (while watching Hellcats) and TG is more beautiful than all the stars!


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