Dish Upon a Star

Say Yes, Susan! Say Yes, Yes, Yes, Oh, Yes, Yes!

Posted on: April 25, 2011

So my self-imposed gag order lasted two minutes, because I won’t let one hysterical person censor me, I’m not mean to the stars (usually) and most of all I remembered:

It’s Shirley and Barbra’s birthday! Everyone should get this day off. We have President’s weekend and MLK, Jr. weekend. Why not Barbra and Shirley’s weekend? They’ve both made quite an impression on the world. I learned from Shirley’s books that she and Babs call each other on their day of birth. Isn’t that sweet? So, I’m expecting Brian Austin Green, Forrest Whitaker, Ariana Huffington and Derrida (oh wait he’s dead and I wouldn’t understand him anyway because he’s so obtuse) on July 15th.

My rumor of the week is that Susan Lucci might be on Desperate Housewives. She will breathe life into the show and steal it from everyone! I can’t wait to see that goddess in a low-cut red dress, flaunting her hot wares all over Wysteria Lane!


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