Dish Upon a Star


Posted on: April 27, 2011

I liked The Fighter, even though it reminded me of every other boxing movie I’d ever seen. Because of Bale’s Supporting Actor win, I expected him to dominate, but really, there’s so much more of Mark Wahlberg training and French-kissing Amy Adams. Mark always uses tongue with his co-stars, which gives the make-out sessions an air of authenticity. I always adore when the sweet young thing tends to the boxer’s injuries–and then they make out, even if he’s sweaty and gross.

Bale is fantastic as the stringy, crack-addled brother and his charisma, to me, was so believable. He aptly showed the complexity of a screwed up, lovable brother who’d long-since peaked. He deserved an Oscar, I hate to say it. I loved the cliched training montage scenes because they made me want to work out. Felt Melissa Leo chewed too much scenery, though perhaps this was true to the real character. It read a little like “You effed me out of the Oscar for Frozen River, by God, I’m getting one now.” Overall, I rooted for the good guys and got misty at the end. Better than Cinderella Man by far.

By sheer coincidence, I read that Alice Ward (played by Leo) died today.


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