Dish Upon a Star

Donald Trump: Jackasstown, Population You!

Posted on: April 27, 2011

He gives Gingies a bad name. After all this hoopla, Obama released his birth certificate. Wonder if Catholic President JFK was ever asked to prove his legitimacy. This country can’t handle when a non-WASP takes office. If Hillary had been President, I’m sure Trump would have asked her to prove she was a woman. The world would be dull without idiots we can make fun of. I hope Trumpster runs for President. Wouldn’t that be a circus?

All hell has broken loose on Brothers & Sisters. In case you stopped watching, 40+ years ago Nora Walker couldn’t keep her legs closed and questions arise about Sarah’s biological father. Kevin and Tommy (I have no idea what their freaking names are) have a child stolen by Ken Olin and Patricia Wettig’s confused daughter! Such drama, Thirty-Something style only with looser morals and no horny, whiny bearded redheads, though I could see Timothy Busfield making a cameo as Nora’s long-lost something. Or…Patricia’s secret husband! Then it really would be Thirty-Something, which I watched when I was -7.

Glee: So tired of the ballads. The best part was the mall “Barbra Streisand” scene. Love that Emma comes out as OCD, that I Never Promised You a Rose Garden‘s Kathleen Quinlan was her shrinkipoo and that Emma finally takes the damn pills. Sometimes you need them. Not enough Sue Sylvester in this episode.

Kate Hudson is engaged.


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