Dish Upon a Star

Fine Line Between Champion of a Cause and Total Diva

Posted on: April 28, 2011

Modern divas tend to be all talk and skimpy on what counts (talent and integrity), which is what I seemed to encounter a bit too much recently. Must be courteous and nice, when I would love to pull a Nurse Jackie and tell these dorkuses eff themselves, especially a nasty young blonde who mouthed off for no reason at a Duane Reade counter-person for an innocent mistake.

This week, I spent hundreds of dollars on God knows what, money disappearing in general on essentials, regretted my splurge on awesome Tom Ford glasses since they weren’t necessary even though my old glasses are ratty, obligations are amassing that will most likely require tranquilizers, envious of acquaintance whose Twitter announced she was front row at Duran Duran concert which brings back teen “missing out” angst in agonizing waves, air conditioning smells like an unwashed person living inside it and came home to kitty yakking everywhere. The Universe is telling Dish to go dark for a few days (but never dark on gossip), stay in the recesses and watch action take place. Like Jack Bauer, I am always on the move. Psyche saved by tonight’s emotional The Office and Real Housewives of New York City. Of course, am waking up at 4am to watch royal wedding. Must always stay true to pop-culture-obsessed self.

Of course, I am all talk, too, and mostly happy. First person to blame rant on my cycle gets a smack.


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