Dish Upon a Star

Where Has Dish Been?

Posted on: April 30, 2011

Recovering from the royal wedding all day. I had two choices last night: 1. Pull an all-nighter so that TG could get a good night’s sleep. 2. Risk sleeping through alarm clock which I’d done during the Australian Open, missing crucial matches. I chose #1 and loaded up on caffeine, knitting, and watched Kate/Will coverage from 12-8:30. To say I had a migraine is understating, but I was determined to get to the kiss on the balcony. From the second Wills got into the Bentley to go to Westminster Abbey, I had goosebumps. Kate’s dress was interesting, reminded me a little of a workout uniform on top with the cut and the v-neck, with more traditional skirt. Fetching overall. Kate’s veil, tiara were gorgeous, too. I’m not sure how she got through the hour-long ceremony in one piece. I would have spent the entire time kneeling at the pew, sneaking Ativan while pretending to wipe my nose. Loved the music, the tradition with some breaking of rules. And for heaven’s sake, Queen Elizabeth looked like a cute little marshmallow Peep in that fabulous yellow getup. Spectacular. Fresh as a daisy at 8:00am, TG rolled in and called the whole royal wedding “meaningless.” Thanks! No going to see Duran Duran for him. I crashed and now I don’t want to see any more coverage.

By the middle of the afternoon, I could open my eyes fully and caught Morning Glory, starring Rachel McAdams as a spastic producer who has to whip Harrison Ford into shape while boinking Patrick Wilson. Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford have excellent chemistry and I wish it had been more about them. All we get is his hand on her ass at the end. What about Something’s Gotta Give II? The network in the movie was IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome–wink wink). Not really worth a rent.


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