Dish Upon a Star

Happy Beltane!

Posted on: May 2, 2011

Watch this and you will piss yourself if only for the dis on Donald Trump and even a loving tease to Matt Damon Obama’s timing is a little off but some good lines.

Lorenzo Lamas marries 5th wife. It’s hard to believe he’s the same guy who played opposite Olivia Newton John for two seconds in Grease. He’s like a different guy. A little worn out but working hard not to be old. Dish is almost there, too.

Reading more details about the royal wedding. Still swooning but not enough to paste photos of the event in my diary. I did NOT just do something so sentimental. I wish these young ‘uns all the best. It’s the Royal Ginger’s turn next. I could see him walking down the aisle in a big rainbow wig.

Acquaintance was at front row of Duran Duran show in Boston. Simon touched her hand and winked. I would have needed oxygen.

TG is out getting me seltzer. Maybe it’s because I was playing Enya too loudly. Or he’s killing time before Desperate Housewives.


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