Dish Upon a Star

Overdue Star Sightings!!!

Posted on: May 4, 2011

Monday 5/2, 4:50pm: Dish winding home, depressed over bin Laden’s death and reactions from the U.S, so fatigued by MLK jr. quote everywhere and the onslaught of stupidness sure to come. I needed some quiet to ponder the universe when I was rudely interrupted. A man rode by me on his bike on the sidewalk, yakking away on his cell phone. Did I give him an icy glare? No, because he was a celebrity!!! But who was he? For three days I’ve searched my database, even retracing steps and hypnotizing myself. I thought he was the deaf son in The Family Stone, but I was wrong. Who is he? Piercing blue eyes, definitely gay. Oh dear God, maybe he’s a Dish acquaintance mistaken for a celeb, like a waiter at Viceroy, scanner at NYSC.

A heavenly sight on this rainy morning: Dish out to find caffeine IV to shove into arm when across the street, standing in rain with fabulous rain-boots, knitted cap, with those mischievous eyes peeking from underneath–Julianne Nicholson. I stared a little too long mostly as a quiet warning for her to stop, stop, stop following me. Her husband, Jonathan Cake, is a good addition to Desperate Housewives. That Bree always needs some sexing up. After he’s done with her, maybe he could wander over to Brothers & Sisters and give Sally Field some Nora Walker lovin’.

George W. Bush’s reaction to bin Laden’s death:

Marie Osmond is getting married. Love that The Book of Mormon has gotten so many Tony nominations!

Prez Obama will not release death photo, which renews my faith a bit. Though, it will leak, which still won’t satisfy Rush Limbaugh or his band of merry men.


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