Dish Upon a Star

The Way We Were

Posted on: May 7, 2011

JJ and I had a meaningful conversation about The Way We Were when he was cutting my steely mane. This “love” story always bothered me. Robert Redford was so cold/wooden in that movie that it’s more The Way I Thought We Were. Babs is too colorful, filling up three screens with her energy. How could her character fall for such vanilla? Maybe that was the point. Sadly, Arthur Laurents died this week at 93. Such a writer to have given us a story we still talk about. That doesn’t happen much anymore.

Is Christina Aguilera (TG’s secret celebrity crush) being a diva on The Voice? Though wildly uninformed, I’m on Team Adam. He may be a whore, but Maroon 5 has stayed the course.

Jesse James has a tacky tell-all book coming out. If he really wanted to “tell” his story, why not do it for free? His recklessness and desperate fame-whoring is a little gross (yes, I follow him and Kat Von D on Twitter). I would have waited until the body was cold before doing my tell-all.

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell are engaged. Nothing wrong with that.

The Office without Steve Carrell. They’re doing the best they can. Not sure how the show will survive without a heavy bat. Heavier than Carrell. Who could it be? Ferrell is a Band-Aid. Alec Baldwin could double-team.

Brothers & Sisters: Don’t care anymore. Still watching. Someone needs to pull the switch.

Reviews for Something Borrowed, ouch! The Emily Giffin novel is wonderful, a joy to read, hard to translate onto screen.

Ramona is insane again on Real Housewives of New York City. Everyone else is fine. I sort of feel that nothing is wrong on the show. On Orange County, the characters do things: go to plastic surgery appointments, look at real estate, get pets groomed. On NYC, the wives just meet to vent, then go home.


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