Dish Upon a Star

Maybe She Got Tired of His Alleged Groping of Other Women

Posted on: May 11, 2011

Maria Shriver and Arnord Schwarzegger are separating. It seems like a good thing, though I could see the chemistry between them. So much scandal attached to this marriage. J.J. definitely has an opinion about all this. I hope he comments! I wish Maria Shriver health and happiness during this “transition.”

If you’re blue, this will cheer you up: Mississippi 1870, bahahaha!

Bill Maher was the type of pinhead in high school I always tried to get to like me, but he never gave me the time of day (thank goodness!). He still makes me laugh so hard:

Courtney Love and Michael Pitt dating? At first when I saw the pic, I thought Pitt was Gale (they look a bit similar and acted in the same flickipoo together) and it was too close for comfort. Saw Pitt on the street once and he looked out of it, but sweet.

Bieber hurled between songs during his concert. Celebrity barfing is really difficult for me to imagine or bear.


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