Dish Upon a Star

The Decision Did Not Blow Me Away

Posted on: May 14, 2011

Ashton Kitchen on Two and a Half Men. Dishreaders, do you remember That 70s Show? It wasn’t a fave but lots of people liked it. I adore Ashton except on Twitter, think he serves a purpose, especially on Punk’d. He’s a personality, but I don’t think he’s going to save the show. It would have been more interesting to choose someone far-fetched. Like Martin Sheen. Or Hugh Grant, as rumored. Ricky Martin. Someone we wouldn’t think of, but whose name would make us go “ooooooh, I’d totally watch that.” Everyone would have watched Two and a Half Men with Hugh Grant or, God help us, Mickey Rourke. Sean Hayes. Dolly Parton. Now that would’ve been cool. This choice is a Band-Aid. But I do like Ashton.

Wonder Woman was not picked up–not a surprise since the suit would have brought about too many jokes. Brothers & Sisters has been canceled. Can we say Amen? Now something major has to happen on Desperate Housewives. TG and I are ready for the two-hour finale. TG asked, “What are they going to do for two hours?” Oh please, that show is an expert at wasting our m*ther-f*cking time.

Dish’s 25th high school reunion starts now.


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