Dish Upon a Star

Allergy Attack!

Posted on: May 21, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone. Supposedly the world is ending tomorrow, so Dish chose Little Fockers as My Last Movie. It is atrocious. If only it had been 2 hours of Owen Wilson and Barbra Streisand it might have been tolerable as they were the only bright spots–all due to a non-story. Jessica Alba was surprisingly wonderful, as well.

A little disappointing is this interview with Dish-favorite-since-2005 Gale Harold. Maybe it’s just Brian Kinney that I love. GH is being a tw*t to this reporter who is just doing her job. This is why I never want to meet stars in person!

Sad news is that Ginnifer Goodwin and fiancé broke up after short engagement. Sometimes getting to know a person isn’t as fun as it should be. At least she didn’t walk down the aisle!

If you know who Michael Bolton is (though someone in Dish household doesn’t), don’t miss this hilariousness where MB hijacks a music video: Love him!


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