Dish Upon a Star

And They Even Kiss!!!!

Posted on: May 24, 2011

Go to: just wait till trailer shows. Watch trailer. Is it me or does this look a little lame? No doubt, I will go see it, though it’s a little Forrest Gump meets Summer School meets a whole host of other movies. The trailer tells the entire story so you really don’t need to spend $13 to see it. And yet, bow down for Our Lady JULIA.

Ps. Hey, Julia, since we’re imaginary buds, see below what I’m knitting now in sparkling navy to go with the dress you’re wearing in the trailer. Isn’t it great? Vanna White sold separately.

Model/Actress Estella Warren was busted for DUI, kicking a cop, then escaping from the police station. I would have loved to see that on tape! It’s so sad when you’re not in the limelight anymore.

Without warning, just saw Justin Bieber shirtless. And little girls will probably go ape over his scrawny, adolescent chest–the way Dish did over John Taylor’s in the “Hungry Like the Wolf” video 28 years ago.


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