Dish Upon a Star

No Strings Attached

Posted on: May 29, 2011

After Black Swan, Dish needed more Natalie Portman so rented No Strings Attached. She is the best thing in this candy-fluff. A predictable story, some cute lines, excellent secondary characters with Kevin Kline as Ashton’s dicky father, Mindy Kaling with her sass, and Cary Elwes always in disguise and convincing as a devoted doctor [aside: what happened with his career?]. I recommend this if you want a lazy two hours to swoon over young love. Ashton is lovable but the poor boy can’t really express deep emotions on cue. Every now and then, he succeeds as if by accident, but it’s hard not to adore him. Natalie can do just about anything so I lift my ban of her, which began when I saw her in the alleged first Star Wars where she and Christian Haydenson (sp?) stunk up the screen.

Speaking of stink, I finally caught the finale of Glee filmed in NYC. As HersheyKiss might attest, it didn’t have enough Darren Criss, not enough Sue, not enough Wow. The show is top-heavy with soulful, corny ballads. Loved the Finn/Rachel moments, though, and hope these kids have sex next season. I didn’t believe the Patti LuPone cameo for a second–though I love PLP to death. I doubt that diva would ever say something so motivational to a complete stranger. In fact, she didn’t relay such you-go-girl fare to Dishbrother when he met her and gushed his teenage heart out! Dish can’t forgive.


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