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I Ate 1/2 Bag of M&Ms–Who Does That?

Posted on: May 31, 2011

I blame it on the humidity! Dish tends to drop poundage in the warmer months due to wanting to display the best ghostly bikini body possible. The latest US Weekly is full of bikinis and ripped abs. My award for scariest bikini bod goes to Leeann Rimes, who appears positively skeletal in her recent beach photo ops.

Promos for True Blood keep surfacing and I gave up on the show last season. All they did was glare and look sweaty. No one except for the gay cook interested me, though Dishcolleague’s love for Alex Skarsbar and the bearded werewolf make me want to see what the fuss is about. My favorite castmember, Jessica Tuck as Vampire Nan, hasn’t gotten enough airtime, but I read she’ll be on a lot more this coming season. Now that would make me watch…

On an unrelated topic, is anyone watching The Real L Word, which premieres this Sunday? Yeah, me neither.

In the vein of sexuality issues, Dish finally watched Becoming Chaz. Since I grew up watching Chastity Bono in the arms of her AWESOME parents ON TV (How many of you wore a towel on your head to mimic Cher? Yeah, me neither), I resented her whining about not feeling good about herself. With the announcement of her changing genders, I thought, Gosh, another thing for this poor-offspring-of-celebrities to be miserable about in public. This documentary put her struggle into more perspective for me. I can’t imagine the pain of living in the wrong body and hope Chaz is finally happy. Her girlfriend was very entertaining, kind of like Chaz’s mother….

We’re all just a big wonderful mess, aren’t we?


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