Dish Upon a Star

Schindler’s List Is Going to Give Me Nightmares!!!

Posted on: June 2, 2011

Why did I agree to watch this un-happy-happy-happy movie? Well, I sort of like parts of it and it breaks my heart, really too much to bear and puts my little worries into perspective. Adore Ben Kingsley and Liam Neeson. And, Dishbrother, you have to admit, Ralph Fiennes acts his butt off. He is a little sweaty, though. Can see why you’re repulsed, but here it works.

In happy, happy news, Jane lynch is hosting the Emmys and this is one night where TG will just have to deal with my girl crush. It will be three hours of ecstasy for Dish.

Three fast ones: John Edwards’s mistress allegedly dumped him (the drama is over so why stay?), Mitt Romney running for Prez, which makes me sad since he seems earnest but too dull as a candidate to win (but I’m sure is nice), and more nude Blake Lively photos leaked.

The eternal excuse these days is: I’ve been hacked!!!


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