Dish Upon a Star

TG’s Birthday But He Is One of Those Who Doesn’t Like This Day. Secretly I Think He Does.

Posted on: June 11, 2011

So, Jennifer Love Hewitt not going to be on L&O:SVU. Am I the only one who doesn’t hate her? She’s cute. Not Meryl Streep, but even the adorable, doe-eyed brunette who once dated John Mayer has a place in this world.

Lily Allen has married. Mazel!

Elizabeth Edwards gets revenge from beyond the grave. Is it true she provided a tape to prosecutors before her demise. Love that!

Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant: Doesn’t he have a history of reprehensible behavior? I wonder if this will kill his career the way it thoroughly killed Michael Richards’s. Probably not. I find Morgan’s comments awful, especially if he actually feels this way, but so many celebrities say stupid, awful things. If we didn’t have freedom of speech, I could take all demands for an apology seriously. Perhaps, Dish is too passive, but such outrageous comments made by sick dummies, to me, don’t merit a response. Of course, I probably will stop watching him in anything, as I have with Mel Gibson, who just isn’t good anymore. What would Tracy Morgan do if Tina Fey weren’t around?


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