Dish Upon a Star

The Tonys Are Tonight! Will You Be Watching?

Posted on: June 12, 2011

And how much do you want to bet The Book of Mormon will win everything? My question: Since JJ is a theater expert as his JJhusband, what do they think of this play? Must watch just for NPH’s wit.

If you want to die of laughter and mortification, watch this clip of Bill Maher and Dish’s beloved Jane Lynch doing a dramatic reading of the Weiner sexting: Weiner is taking a leave of absence to get “treatment.” Such lovely spin, as if suffering from illness, certainly not a euphemism for “starting to see a shrink because I’m a jackass in my personal life.”

So Lily Allen got married and announced that she’s pregnant. Super-cute.

For fun, see TMZ’s last meals of inmates. Dish wonders, how could they eat?


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