Dish Upon a Star

The Big C, Popcorn, and Pedicure

Posted on: June 23, 2011

All these help. Just started watching The Big C and am enjoying the trend of quirky over-40 women on Showtime (Nurse Jackie, Weeds, The Big C) hanging on by an entertaining thread. I probably like Nurse Jackie the best because she gets sh*t done while palming her pills.

Be prepared to roll your eyes. Lindsay Lohan tested positive for booze, violating her parole but the testing period had expired so no jail for her and she gets to continue her house arrest. This seems like more of the same “celebrity justice” but then LL just sabotages herself. She’ll never have a serious career, which means there’s balance in the universe. Other stars (Charlie Sheen) seem far more dangerous and have eluded jail.

But then, I’m so perfect. Dish is about to enter a fortnight of hell, consisting of leaving the hermit-cave. So, I stayed home and gave myself a pedicure, ate a lot of popcorn and answered a phone call from TG, which came from the other room (like Justin Bieber, he needed a nap and was too tired to leave the bed). Funny thing that when you’re busy, other stuff hits the fan from several directions. All will be better by July 4th.

Many people have it worse, like Glen Campbell who has come forth with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Poor man and everyone else who suffers from this miserable disease.

I count my blessings right now. One blessing that could easily be granted would be for CNN anchor Don Lemon to fall head over heels for the irrepressible and gorgeous Langdon Bosarge of Langdon Nation.


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