Dish Upon a Star

Daily News vs. Post

Posted on: June 25, 2011

Daily News got the right cover in that gay marriage is now legal in New York! Chelsea is the happiest place on Earth. What is the Post‘s cover? A woman saved from suicide with subtle mention of bill’s passing at the bottom. Screw them!

Anistoux is in town and Dish is dying to catch a glimpse, but it’s nice to give new couples breathing room. I wish he’d shave the beard. It is just hideous, though the Grizzly Adams look gets attention. Does he get egg whites stuck in it?

In sad news, the great Peter Falk died. I loved, loved, loved him in Murder by Death and The Cheap Detective. What an icon from Dish’s youth, those freaky warm eyes, scratchy voice and dry humor. RIP, Columbo!

Someone needs to explain about these new allegations against Tobey “Squeaky” Maguire and the illegal poker games, hookers and blow? I’m confused.

NPH and David Burtka are getting married. I sort of feel as if they are THE couple of New York City and have been for a while. I once saw NPH in Park Slope but that was six years ago.

James Spader might be replacing Kathy Bates on The Office. This actor has grown on me and I’m sure will make The Office more palatable if Steve Carrell won’t be there.

And now, back to my working weekend. Two projects to finish by Monday and then continuing a long sojourn in the flaming fires of Satan’s lair, which has been extended through mid-July.


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