Dish Upon a Star

Pride Brides!

Posted on: June 26, 2011

Dish was home nursing a sinus infection so didn’t get to see Pride but I imagine there were tons of wedding dresses, which must have been magnificent. Speaking of married, I’m overjoyed at the news that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz had this super-sexy covert marriage. Imagine James Bond (Dish’s favorite Bond ever–screw the one EVERYONE thinks is the best, I’m sticking with DC!) and that ballsy chick from The Constant Gardener, in which she was awesome, 2gether 4ever. I love it when attractive people officially seal their love.

Catching up on The C Word and it’s metastisized in Dish. I really love it. I adore that Cynthia Nixon and Liam Neeson made cameos! Made me think of the connection between Linney and Liam–aha, Kinsey and Love Actually–and now fantasize that they are close friends who discuss acting together…Dish has her own Celebrity Farmville. Now there’s an idea…


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