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Star Sighting–Anderson Cooper!!!

Posted on: June 28, 2011

12:17pm: I won’t say where he was–since his fans, followers tend to vent rage at me–but I stepped into the subway car and Anderson Cooper was sitting in a seat, being filmed for something promo-ish (like “Anderson Cooper investigates the bowels of the city”). The other passengers were quiet and respectful and, of course, Dish pretended not to see him. Yes, I’m that shy and not wanting to directly invade celebrity-privacy (only passively through blog). How I wanted to snap a cellphone pic but I would never do that (especially since I don’t know how to use my cellphone camera).

(AC, I was the redhead in the bright yellow dress!)


4 Responses to "Star Sighting–Anderson Cooper!!!"

Anderson’s talk show twitter acct, @Anderson, tweeted that they were filming things for his new talk show today all over NY.

Sorry, forgot to say several pictures were tweeted of Anderson riding his bike being filmed and then talking to people during a break in filming.

I’m an AC fan and don’t go into a rage if someone casually mentions that they may have seen him around NYC. It’s no big deal. And lucky you!

Thanks for the comments! I appreciate them. Yay, AC! One of the few newsies I like to watch.

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