Dish Upon a Star

My Goodness! A Dream About Simon Le Bon!

Posted on: July 4, 2011

I sifted through boxes of items in a scary basement. I was on a mission. The area had some flooding and some of my things have merged with the ground. But lo, there was my fifty-page term paper on Duran Duran: “From New Romantic Fame to Worldwide Acclaim.” I wrote it when I was fifteen and scrounging for inspiration aside from where my next cigarette was coming from. No worries, Dishreaders, I will be posting some gems from this academic feat. It is ripe with embarrassing soundbites. Should I also mention that I found the brilliant romance novel that my BFF and matron of honor wrote involving me, her and members of the band?

As a foreshadowing to finding the term paper, I dreamed about Simon. I sat in a club, bereft over a broken engagement (metaphorical). The lights dimmed and the band came out to set up. But they couldn’t play since Simon has been having trouble with his voice. So he was silent. He motioned for me to come over, some nice music started and we danced. It was a nice little boost and I led.


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