Dish Upon a Star

Only 50% Less Sugar

Posted on: July 11, 2011

Dishdoctor says I don’t need to go cold turkey on the sugar. I should only inhale chocolate ever OTHER day. It’s a good habit to break since sugar addiction is a slippery slope. I’ll be like Brenda on The Closer and look longingly at a Mr. Goodbar. And Snickers and Reeses.

I am an easy target. I read in People about Russell Crowe Tweeting about his weight loss. Now I’m following Russell so that I can keep up to date with his progress. Like Dish, he gets fat easily so compassion is there. This is a Before picture, BTW. Though, like all celebs who get bloated, he still shimmers with beer sweat like Gerard Butler the celebrity aura.

She was wonderful in Black Swan and Milan Kunis shows a sense of fun by saying yes to a Sgt. Scott Moore’s request that she be his date at a ball in November. Adorable! How excellent of her.

Did you see the pictures of Will and Kate in Hollywood? Breathtaking. They belong there!

TG is counting the seconds until Rizzoli & Isles premieres tonight.


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