Dish Upon a Star

Today in Non-Sequiturs

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Such intrigue over the Beckhams’ choice of name for their little girl: Harper Seven. This is one of the few names that I get. Harper, nothing wrong with that. And Seven had a lot of significance for the family. TG and I will name our future child Preston Altoid. In more baby news: Jewel gave birth to a boy entitled Kase. Hmmmm.

Weird news: Brooke Mueller seems to have been photographed carrying a crack pipe. It was a strange, strange potentially damning photo. Particularly distressing were the sweatpants combined with high heels. I feel bad for those kids.

Random: Where will you be on Dish’s birthday this Friday? Waiting in line for the new Harry Potter? I’ve totally avoided this phenomenon. In case you read today’s Post, go to Page Six to see some weird cryptic typos. Someone needs a good editor! I saw the back of Ken Pave’s head today. Preview for the new Dallas is awesome. I got chills:

I don’t know if you’re aware of the b*tchy piece against Zooey Deschanel by “journalist” Patt Morrison where he (she) called ZD a “snobby cow.” It’s pretty awful and someone was definitely on his period. Zooey responded most excellently:


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