Dish Upon a Star

Nothing Against Irene…

Posted on: August 27, 2011

…but reaction to her has already annoyed me. I know, catastrophes make you reach out to others. Though with 9/11, Facebook hadn’t been an issue. You were out of touch, but you called and emailed people. Now it’s the FB status updates that are setting off my stereotypical red-headed temper: “Light rain so far…” “Oh…it’s looking gloomy.” “OMG, so bored.” So am I. Maybe it’s that everyone has become a broadcaster (including me), maybe it’s because even the broadcasters are melodramatic. Maybe it’s because I’m in Canada and can’t experience the anxiety firsthand. People are vulnerable so one should be compassionate. Right now I’m Irened out and she hasn’t really hit NYC. Though…I will admit FB did prove useful with getting married and knowing that I lived through an earthquake that I didn’t feel. Never mind my bad mood.

So enough kvetching, Dish, what’s new in celebrity land? There’s some news that Ricky Gervais might host the Golden Globes again. I say, Halleluliah! He’s one of the few hosts who isn’t politically correct and kissing an audience’s ass. I hope, hope, hope Jane Lynch is the same for the Emmys. But, yes, please bring on Ricky to make stars remember how privileged they are to wear beautiful clothes and be in movies/television and make…um…art.

I had the fortune of seeing the trailer for Fireflies in the Garden where Julia plays a MOTHER to Ryan Reynolds. I can’t tell if it’s good, but we do know it’s another Serious Julia Movie, where in the crux of the turmoil, she will cry beautifully and at some point, flash her brilliant smile:


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