Dish Upon a Star

Star Sighting–Tim Gunn!!!

Posted on: September 7, 2011

11:20 AM: Dishbrotherhusband writes, “I just saw Tim Gunn walking on 90th street off Broadway … He looked just like he does on TV, very stylish very composed, walking very straight and carrying a few bags. He stopped to say something to the doorman and other two gents in the building … and then kept walking. Looked like he was saying hi to them.” Dish thinks he was saying something more like, “Thank you for being your excellent selves, people.”

Aside from the joyful and magical hairstylings of J.J., Dish has had a trying day and has learned once again that mean people suck–and probably lead very sad lives. To fortify myself, I will follow the advice of JJ and not continue with Biutiful because Javier is too sweaty in the role. Who wants to see him pissing blood? In addition, I’ll forego Most Elligible Dallas as it depresses me. I see young people sounding as if they never read a book and I wonder what the future holds for the U.S. It is packed with idiots. Please let the brainiacs take over.


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