Dish Upon a Star

Hacking with the Stars

Posted on: September 14, 2011

Today in scandal: Poor Scarlett Johansson had nude photos leaked from her cell. I wouldn’t wish that feeling of violation on anyone (her butt has never looked better). Dish doesn’t understand why in this Big Brother world anyone would take nude photos. It busts a bubble. I love so many celebs but I absolutely don’t want to see their fun bags, bait and tackle or garden patches–unless in a movie, and barely even then.

RHoBH: Are we warming up to these wives or do they seem more down to earth and less outrageous/mean than other franchises? They each are likable to me, though Kim does seem to need a mood stabilizer. I dunno. Maybe it’s that most of them have been taken down a peg by life: divorce, marital trouble, betrayal in friendship and family bs.

The new talk show to watch Anderson from our darling Anderson Cooper, who has a work ethic that rivals Ryan Seacrest’s. What I love about him is that he’s so trustworthy and effective as a reporter/journalist/anchor, but on this talk show he tries to connect with people, which I’m not sure comes naturally to him. I want him to succeed so I will DVR him to infinity. Yesterday, he had Gerard Depardieu explain his peeing incident, which was hilarious. Dish wholeheartedly endorses AC on all fronts. He could have spent his life blowing spit bubbles and spending his family’s money but he didn’t.

This is the couple that won’t disappear. The Obama partycrasher wife, Michaele Salahi, was reported missing by her husband and this turned into alleged kidnapping. TMZ is reporting that she wasn’t kidnapped but ran off with the guitarist from Journey, Neil Schon. Bahahahahahahaha!

Now this is funny, trust me: It dawned on me that maybe…maybe…people don’t take the Kardashians seriously. I have hope.


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