Dish Upon a Star

We Are All Troy Davis

Posted on: September 22, 2011

How sick I am already of this quote, but will confess to much agitation last night as Troy Davis’s execution delay gave me hope–regardless of whether or not he did it. I don’t know if he did it. Who really knows the truth for sure? Good that people protested. Very sad that the MacPhail family has had to endure this torment over and over. I still don’t believe in the death penalty. Every time I read about someone on their way to the chamber, I feel ill. Even Timothy McVeigh’s death disturbed me. Last night, I thought about Troy Davis dealing with those last minutes, the last meal if there was one (how can you EAT?), the last face he/she sees. Bin Laden’s execution didn’t fill me with relief either. Little murders and big murders breed more murder and anguish. If Troy Davis is a martyr and truly innocent, Dish is cynical enough to know the effect won’t last long given our appetite for fresh blood. I hope this execution brings about discussion. I fear it won’t. Gosh, my soap box makes me seem taller, don’t it? I’m only 5’5.

Better than death talk, the balm of tonight’s premiere of The Office. James Spader will rock harder than Kathy Bates since he was born to be an ineffective, punishing office worker (see Wall Street, Secretary). He and Rainn Wilson are so good together, it’s almost porn.

Emily Deschanel aka Bones popped out a son. Mazel! Must catch up on Modern Family. Last night’s Criminal Minds did damage to my psyche. How I love those behavioral specialists.

Countdown and relaxing meditation starts now for when Dish is reunited with her beloved Duran Duran in DC (TG is threatening to throw his panties on stage) and NYC: 26 days!


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