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You gotta wonder–no one is denying the breakup, which makes me think: 1. They might really be breaking up. 2. Someone has crabs. 3. We’ve been punked. 4. They are building hype for world domination. That would be so Ashton/Demi. In all of this, I envision many, many hot Twitter pics of Demi in a bikini.

So where were you when Ashton and Demi began their courtship? It must have been 2003. 9/11 still fresh, which means Dish wasn’t sleeping much, along with most of NYC. I was single, long hair, getting ready for a trip to New Mexico. Dating a little but not into it, going to a Hell’s Kitchen bar every Friday to ogle a bartender who had no interest in me. Not so bad really. When Ashton and Demi started dating, I felt hope that I could be a hot cougar someday. I didn’t have to automatically date mildly-depressed paunchy men twenty years older than me (because that was all that responded to my online ads the second I hit 35). I couldn’t envision then that I’d ever meet my own hunkalicious Prince Charming…

…or that we’d appear on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show (and I do mention “Duran Duran” in the interview). Details to come. Dishmama will kill me for spilling but it’s a slow news day and I’m immersed in drudgery not of a personal nature. This picture is worth the jinx. Move over, Kathy Griffin. Dish is Anderson’s new BFF.


Two daughters of political figures died within twenty-four hours of each other and at 51: Kara Kennedy, eldest daughter of Ted and Joan Kennedy, and Eleanor Mondale Poling, daughter of Walter and Joan Mondale. Very sad. My heart goes out to these families.

Life should be appreciated, right? Sinead O’Connor is to controversy as the Pope is to Being Behind the Times, thus it isn’t odd that such a public figure would ask via Twitter for ways to commit suicide. Dish immediately started following her and went on her website: The site is quite a rambling-me-fest, which makes me think she’ll stay alive. If not on Earth, where would the me-fest go? Her voice is from the gods.

Why reality shows rule: so many baaaadddd scripted shows. Dish watched The Secret Circle last night. Verdict: the teens are a big bore except for the one who thinks she’s Angelina Jolie. Gale Harold and Natasha Henstridge are awesome and Dish hopes they have an ecstatic super-witch coupling, skyclad under the stars with moonbeams illuminating their fleshy middle-aged yet lightly muscled pale bodies. I will fast-forward to get to the adult scenes, as with Hellcats. Ringer just sucks. I expected more from SMG but it is mostly slow pacing, bad filming (fake ocean background!) and lame dialogue.

The funniest thing all week: seeing Anderson Cooper get all batsh*t excited to dish with the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Anderson. Looking forward to the episode with his mother, Gloria the Great.

Today in scandal: Poor Scarlett Johansson had nude photos leaked from her cell. I wouldn’t wish that feeling of violation on anyone (her butt has never looked better). Dish doesn’t understand why in this Big Brother world anyone would take nude photos. It busts a bubble. I love so many celebs but I absolutely don’t want to see their fun bags, bait and tackle or garden patches–unless in a movie, and barely even then.

RHoBH: Are we warming up to these wives or do they seem more down to earth and less outrageous/mean than other franchises? They each are likable to me, though Kim does seem to need a mood stabilizer. I dunno. Maybe it’s that most of them have been taken down a peg by life: divorce, marital trouble, betrayal in friendship and family bs.

The new talk show to watch Anderson from our darling Anderson Cooper, who has a work ethic that rivals Ryan Seacrest’s. What I love about him is that he’s so trustworthy and effective as a reporter/journalist/anchor, but on this talk show he tries to connect with people, which I’m not sure comes naturally to him. I want him to succeed so I will DVR him to infinity. Yesterday, he had Gerard Depardieu explain his peeing incident, which was hilarious. Dish wholeheartedly endorses AC on all fronts. He could have spent his life blowing spit bubbles and spending his family’s money but he didn’t.

This is the couple that won’t disappear. The Obama partycrasher wife, Michaele Salahi, was reported missing by her husband and this turned into alleged kidnapping. TMZ is reporting that she wasn’t kidnapped but ran off with the guitarist from Journey, Neil Schon. Bahahahahahahaha!

Now this is funny, trust me: It dawned on me that maybe…maybe…people don’t take the Kardashians seriously. I have hope.

You’d think Canada would want to air the biggest dumb-fest of them all aside from the American Music Awards and the Grammys. The VMAs might have Nudity and Lesbian Kissing and Interrupting Atonal Singers and lots of Bleeping. Please, Lord? I want my VMAs. Oh wait, there’s Hulu. I can watch it later.

Back to really serious news: The second in command of that terrorist group I won’t name because I don’t want to be on anyone’s radar has been killed…again. We are just THAT good at killin’. This brings me to news coverage. We’ve seen so much Anderson Cooper on the news and it struck me, he could have taken his inheritance and blown spit bubbles for the rest of his life. Instead, he goes into hurricanes and earthquake devastation and gets the job done. A big hats off to all journalists who regularly display big hairy ones when the going gets tough.

Chaz Bono is going to be on Dancing with the Stars.

That is all. Pray that by tomorrow, I will be home.