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…Brad Pitt! You know Dish is serious because Brad has not always been a fave. In Moneyball–Dish’s top pick for the year–he kicks one out of the park. Gorgeously shot, gripping script (thanks, once again, to Aaron Sorkin), and Jonah Hill proves he can do more than play a gawky stoner. This is what Jerry Maguire could have been. Even if you’re not into baseball, it’s worth the gazillions you pay in the movie theater. Don’t hesitate. Go now! Let’s nudge The Lion King out of that top spot!

SNL cast members Abby Elliott and Fred Armisen have split. AWKWARD! Reminds Dish of the time she walked in on very first boyfriend French kissing another girl at a party with everyone watching to see reaction. Oh wait, that’s not even the same situation. Never mind!

Southwest Airlines can’t keep themselves out of the news. The L Word and Yoplait commercial actress who got to kiss Gale Harold in that scary miscarriage movie Leisha Hailey was kissing her GF on the plane and, apparently, was escorted out by SW personnel. SW maintains that several passengers complained about excessive PDA (pulling off panties or just the French?). If it had been a man/woman kissing, no one would have said BOO. Dish gets uncomfortable witnessing any public sexy PDA sessions, unless with dogs, lions and birds. Then it’s just fun.

Chest area casualties: Nancy Grace had an alleged nip slip on DWTS. Ellen DeGeneres had a mild heart scare and she’s fine.


Not because R.E.M. has broken up but because fame-whores Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have signed on to do a reality show. We all knew this would happen! What’s even worse, Dish is curious to watch. 35-year age difference + religious fervor + underage marriage + questionable musical talent = delicious trainwreck potential. Who needs the public executions of ages past? We have reality. Oh, and R.E.M. broke up. They never did anything for me but a week ago I watched “Losing My Religion” and thought, I get it now. Best of luck to the group in their future projects.

What’s real/rumor? Saw non-baby bump pic of Jen, though could be early stages. Brad said bad things about being married to Jen. Now lots of apologies. Jen happy with Justin. Could Brad be jealous? Is Jolie too skinny? Must all be hooey but hard to interpret as benign Pitt’s words about his marriage. Also believe Jen’s romance is selling more papers than the Pitt/Jolie old news. Yes, I’m on Team Aniston but when it comes to movies, Team Everyone. Moneyball out soon!

Hershey Kiss reports Darren Criss killed on Glee and that anything Darren related is not to be missed. I tend to agree and will catch up anon.

Dish is trying to do Atkins after major meringue creme anglaise dessert last night with TG-Daddy, who is a divine creature and gave me a pen with his name on it.

Sugar t*ts Mel Gibson wants to make a movie about Jewish hero Judah ¬≠Maccabee. Dish doesn’t worry about his intolerant comments about Jews, gays, women, stem cell research. Dish wants this movie to be made because of how gay it could be. Ever since Braveheart, Mel has been swimming in undulating homoerotic waters, all while making adorable gay slurs. His recent movies contain loinclothes, glistening muscles, torture scenes where men wear these orgasmic expressions, and who could forget when Mel wears hose and waxes himself in What Women Want? At the beginning of Apocalypto, the men discuss eating testicles, maybe because they would rather eat balls than visit the hut where their wives are waiting for baby-making boinkage. I’m sorry, but I can’t wait for what Mel does next. His last movie The Beaver, well, hahahaha there, especially given the connection to Jodie Foster, who vehemently supported him during his domestic violence/custody snafus. Mel’s splendor has taken quite a dive since Braveheart and I doubt he’ll rise again. In the meantime, can’t we twisted viewers have a little fun and not take him so seriously? If groups want to express their outrage, fine. The real tragedy in the comedy of Mel is that…he used to be an amazing actor. Now he just seems bananas.

Another amazing actor who’s made some great movies and real crap (Anger Management), Jack Nicholson had a house burn up in the Hollywood Hills. I almost burnt tonight’s meatloaf, my wandering attention due to the pain of Federer losing. Dish was dreaming of a Federer/Nadal rematch but will settle for Nadal/Djokovic.

Toronto International Film Festival is happening. Angelina wore another black dress. I will catch Moneyball, the first Brad movie I really want to see since…since…Se7en. Who am I kidding? I see all of his movies even though I don’t think he’s cute at all. It’s my job.

Congratulations to Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse who got hitched!

Do not get addicted to this show. Real ghost stories told in dramatic fashion. TG and I are hooked, though he just revealed he doesn’t believe in ghosts. This after we both download Ghosttracker on our iPads and communicate regularly with spirits (okay, maybe that’s margarita and scotch). But tonight I learned how dangerous Ouija boards are and I have one unwrapped. I’m too afraid to open the gateway.

Can you believe this is more exciting than anything else in the tabloids? Well, some sad news–that HawthoRNe got canceled which means Jada and Marc Anthony are unemployed. Lindsay Lohan parked in front of a hydrant because she can’t help getting into trouble. Then, remember that icky story of a billionaire’s son who died, then his girlfriend was found hanging a week later? Well, the girlfriend’s death was ruled a suicide and her family is pissed. Sounds suspicious to Dish, too, very Dateline.

Thanks to a comment, it hits home that all tabloid news goes to promote a show/movie or to keep a fading star current. Modern oracle of Delphi Tom Cruise was right–that it’s all lies. Julia’s alleged over-vodka-drinking–Eat Pray Love; Brad’s wandering eye? Moneyball. Madonna’s boy toy pics? W.E. And it goes on and on and on. Mel Gibson’s arrests and alleged domestic abuse? Okay, maybe he is crazy. Can you tell Dish is jaded?