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It was one of my favorite movies growing up. Ah, remember when Barbra Streisand leans over in bed to get a glass of water, pushing her bosoms up again Ryan O’Neal? I got goosebumps! I watched it recently and…it’s goddawful. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

The O’Neals are having a terrible time. First Redmond gets caught with drugs. Then Griffin drives into another car and police find drugs and a weapon in his vehicle. Losing Farrah, Tatum going bananas but re-emerging triumphantly, then Ryan’s fight with illness. It’s all just too much. They all need to go to Canyon Ranch.

The Bachelor pick Vienna Girardi had a gorgeous honker but just got it trimmed down. My husband threatens to fly overseas to get himself a nice, new Irish nose. I would die.

Casey Anthony was spotted in Ohio and she’s being ordered back to Orlando. Frankly, this doesn’t surprise me. She has relatives there. Anthony’s lawyers maintain she won’t be safe in Orlando. If I had half a brain and were the most sought-after person of the day, I would disappear. CA obviously wants people to see her.

Grant Show’s wife filed for divorce. Now maybe he’ll have time to mount a campaign to bring back that excellent show Swingtown. I’m waiting for season 2!

Watching Live Aid 4-Disc set. I remember exactly where I was on July 13, 1985. Chill-inducing to see Phil Collins singing with Sting, Bryan Ferry, Sade, Adam Ant, Alison Moyet. Though most of them seem baked. It was beyond eerie to see Princess Diana, smiling and hiding in her hell. Saving Duran Duran for last.


I crashed into the Chelsea Le Pain Quotidien at 5:10pm. I instantly got a whiff of Celebrity. But where was he/she? As I stood in line, I noticed the man in front of me looked an awful lot like Billy Crudup. Then I saw the wedding ring and thought, No, Billy’s a serial monogamist, he wouldn’t dare marry, not even if she were pregs. My radar turned to the side where I saw a statuesque, smiling blonde doctoring her drink. Of course, it was the lovely pointy-nosed Emily Bergl, who did us all a disservice by donating her kidney to Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewives!!! How could she? And yet, her pleasant demeanor no doubt fueled by her imminent joy at drinking an organic LPQ beverage–how could I be mad at that?

The vomit story has legs. Kings of Leon now canceled their entire U.S. tour. I guess Gatorade isn’t working for Caleb Followill. The baby epidemic is growing as Fantasia reveals she is pregs! No, not the Disney movie that has all that classical music but the American Idol winner who had her own reality show. Cowboys and Smurfs tie for 1st place in the B.O. I’m sure this should be a porn flick. On the same Disney, looney toons vein, Casey Anthony has been ordered back to Orlando.

TG informed me about something related to a debt ceiling.

By now, you must be sick of the outrage. What can one do? I’m so jaded after O.J. Simpson’s acquittal, this was almost to be expected. Even Kim Kardashian predicted this shocking outcome. If Kim says it, must be true: Anything can happen. For those who feel injustice has been done, remember that Casey Anthony’s life is over…until she joins the cast of Celebrity Rehab, followed by Dancing with the Stars. Not that this is related but Dina Lohan is allegedly in talks for DWTS. American pop culture since Titanic is mostly a joke! (Or maybe Dish is just getting old).

Onward: While treadmilling, I caught up on my Celebrity Rehab, in which Amy Fisher cried about being a porn star who’d been ruthlessly stalked as a teen because she shot a wife in the head. Some people have REAL problems. Now, close to my heart is the sad prospect of RHofNYC Sonja Morgan losing her 6M home on the Upper East Side. That wasn’t sarcastic. I do love my Sonja as she’s always cheerful, consults psychics and boffs artists. Seems she got royally screwed by her ex-husband, who could afford to keep her afloat. Stay strong, Sonja! I’ll do your cards for free!