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You gotta wonder–no one is denying the breakup, which makes me think: 1. They might really be breaking up. 2. Someone has crabs. 3. We’ve been punked. 4. They are building hype for world domination. That would be so Ashton/Demi. In all of this, I envision many, many hot Twitter pics of Demi in a bikini.

So where were you when Ashton and Demi began their courtship? It must have been 2003. 9/11 still fresh, which means Dish wasn’t sleeping much, along with most of NYC. I was single, long hair, getting ready for a trip to New Mexico. Dating a little but not into it, going to a Hell’s Kitchen bar every Friday to ogle a bartender who had no interest in me. Not so bad really. When Ashton and Demi started dating, I felt hope that I could be a hot cougar someday. I didn’t have to automatically date mildly-depressed paunchy men twenty years older than me (because that was all that responded to my online ads the second I hit 35). I couldn’t envision then that I’d ever meet my own hunkalicious Prince Charming…

…or that we’d appear on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show (and I do mention “Duran Duran” in the interview). Details to come. Dishmama will kill me for spilling but it’s a slow news day and I’m immersed in drudgery not of a personal nature. This picture is worth the jinx. Move over, Kathy Griffin. Dish is Anderson’s new BFF.


How sick I am already of this quote, but will confess to much agitation last night as Troy Davis’s execution delay gave me hope–regardless of whether or not he did it. I don’t know if he did it. Who really knows the truth for sure? Good that people protested. Very sad that the MacPhail family has had to endure this torment over and over. I still don’t believe in the death penalty. Every time I read about someone on their way to the chamber, I feel ill. Even Timothy McVeigh’s death disturbed me. Last night, I thought about Troy Davis dealing with those last minutes, the last meal if there was one (how can you EAT?), the last face he/she sees. Bin Laden’s execution didn’t fill me with relief either. Little murders and big murders breed more murder and anguish. If Troy Davis is a martyr and truly innocent, Dish is cynical enough to know the effect won’t last long given our appetite for fresh blood. I hope this execution brings about discussion. I fear it won’t. Gosh, my soap box makes me seem taller, don’t it? I’m only 5’5.

Better than death talk, the balm of tonight’s premiere of The Office. James Spader will rock harder than Kathy Bates since he was born to be an ineffective, punishing office worker (see Wall Street, Secretary). He and Rainn Wilson are so good together, it’s almost porn.

Emily Deschanel aka Bones popped out a son. Mazel! Must catch up on Modern Family. Last night’s Criminal Minds did damage to my psyche. How I love those behavioral specialists.

Countdown and relaxing meditation starts now for when Dish is reunited with her beloved Duran Duran in DC (TG is threatening to throw his panties on stage) and NYC: 26 days!

Do I believe the rumors that J Lo and Bradley Cooper are dating? Not even a little bit. Dish just doesn’t see zing. Maybe because I still–irrationally–feel he tortures small animals and lights girls’ hair on fire for fun. J Lo needs a man who will spread petals on the floor leading to a romantic master bedroom containing jacuzzi, mirrors on ceiling and a sultry haze which makes everyone look better. Never mind that. J Lo doesn’t have time to date right now with American Idol, her resurgence as an A-Lister, and then caring for precious Max and Emme. My wish is that, for once, J Lo date someone as big as she is–both physically and famously.

Tennis anyone? I tend to avoid watching Serena Williams play (love Venus, tho!) given her penchant for mouthing off at umps, especially if she’s not playing well. Why can’t athletes behave like sportsmen/women? She was fined, according to recent reports. Congratulations to Samantha Stosur!

Prayers to the family of Spartacus actor Andy Whitfield who died too young at 39 after battling non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. So sad. I remember when he left the show and this is terrible news indeed.

How do we tread water in this life? We do it by trying to get on television. I could have big news in a few days. Dish might bask in someone’s greatness tomorrow and let us all pray no one faints! No, it ain’t Duran Duran, but definitely a hero.

Did you watch Obama’s jobs speech last night? An ardent believer that Hillary would have been better, I couldn’t tear myself away and felt this speech was more powerful than others. Now let’s see if anything happens. Dish doesn’t get involved in politics.

As you all know, Duran Duran is touring and I’m feeling that pang, like, everyone and their mother has met them, but not Dish. I’ve had friends play tennis with them, attend weddings with them, work on projects with them, party with them, and John Taylor even knew of my existence for a few minutes in 1986. Despite this, I’ve always been a day late, maybe for my own good. This angst is fourteen-years-old of me but there you go. I’ve workshopped it, therapized it, put it in the safe, homey cottage but it’s still there, 30 years later. To be honest, my life is complete without fulfillment of this adolescent dream. I am spoiled enough to see them in concert twice next month. Here is Duran Duran accepting their GQ Lifetime Achievement Award:

There’s another vague terrorist threat for the anniversary of 9/11 and I have to say: HOW CLICHE, terrorists. It seems like a ploy to pit Americans against the Middle East.

Dish is fully jaded upon seeing evidence that Ella from Bachelor Pad, the one who’s just scrapin’ by and has to win the quarter mill to feed her son y’all, HAS HAD ALL THIS PLASTIC SURGERY. She was a knockout before! I shouldn’t be surprised. Then there are skeleton-pics of the new, shrunken Ali Lohan who seems headed on the same path as her sister.

To lift my spirits, I’m going to try to get TG to watch one of my two favorite feel-good movies: The Lives of Others or Ordinary People. I wore him down to watch Notting Hill. I will do it again. Such is the power of Dish.

Lauren Bush married David Lauren, so now she can be Lauren Lauren. If I changed my first name to Duran and TG his last name to Duran, I could officially be Duran Duran. Let’s make it happen!

I was starting to get the shakes over the lack of reports on whom Gerard Butler might be nailing. Hardly a day goes by when his beer-sweat washes up on female shores. But thank goodness, he might be banging 300-style canoodling with Eddie Cybrian-ex Brandi Glanville. Good for her! Gerard is always there to pick up the pieces of broken hearts everywhere.

Adele admits to puking a lot before a performance. Dish is waiting for a performer to admit to having it come out the other end. The closest was Sean Hayes saying that he had to poop before shooting episodes of Will & Grace. I guess nervous diarrhea is not as sexy/romantic/dramatic/Jersey Shore-kewl as nervous vomiting.

This might arouse TG’s paternal ire but Snooki is hinting at getting married.

Nancy Grace’s scenery-chewing and unmoving chin-length blond hair enraged me a little during the Casey Anthony case, but I think her appearance on Dancing With the Stars will be Must-See-TV. I bet she’ll be great. Redemption song! Controversy over Chaz Bono’s casting and being paired with a woman. I just want to say to those who might be appalled by Chaz dancing with a woman when there are so many other issues that are *actually* appalling: Get a life.

Fans worldwide gasped collectively over news that Justin Bieber was in a car accident. But he’s fine! And so is LeAnn Rimes’s ex-husband who just got married, thank goodness–it’s so face-saving. To keep things narcissistic, Dish noticed his new wife wears heavy black glasses, just like Dish’s new Tom Ford’s. And now, here’s something that will make you laugh and cry:

Confession: I watched Bachelor Pad again. The show has slid into Totally Boring now that they’ve sent off a pivotal trainwreck. Maybe I’ll go back to Proust. Talk about boring….What’s not boring: Dish is seeing Duran Duran TWICE within 9 days in October. I accidentally bought seats that are VERY close for one show (too much awesomeness for me). The big question is: Will I have a myocardial infarction?

So le big news est que Steve Jobs a resigned from Pomme. C’est the end of an era et on doit mourner le fact que Steve est tres malade. Malgre this, il a change-ay le world. May good fortune soit avec toi, SJ, et merci pour votre innovation.

Sara Gilbert et sa long-time partner ont breakee up. David Arquette va faire Dancing with the Stars. Most important est que tout le monde sur le East Coast font le hairy sh$t bubbles over Hurricane Irene. Les New Yorkers sont un peu overreacting. Easy pour moi to say since je suis au Canada. Eight hours to get to Montreal. J’ai purchased mes Duran Duran MSG tickets en route!!!

Apres un long day, TG et moi, nous regardons Scooby Doo en francais.