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Yes, it’s the anniversary. I remember what I was doing: walking two miles to work, thinking what a beautiful day, maybe I would go back to teaching, was making copies at the copy machine when the receptionist told me what happened. I pulled out a box of Godiva and offered it around the office as we watched TV, then I walked home with a colleague and said, “This is our JFK.” Sat home for a week, watching TV and crying a little, grateful to be mourning alone, grateful to have life, health, family. Grateful to talk with Dishmama and Dishbrother, pissed that Dishfather didn’t call to see if I was alive, but when we did talk he mentioned it would be less tragic if I had died rather than someone with more at stake, like a child or someone with family–true to some degree but how sh*tty to say to one’s child. That day did make some things very clear–Yes, I knew who loved me and who didn’t care at all. But most of all, it no longer mattered to me that I wasn’t married with children like many of my friends. I had myself and that was all I needed. I didn’t lose anyone, I did see the devastation from my office window, and it makes me cry to see TV coverage, but I don’t have a big story about what I experienced. Today, I’m staying as quiet as I can, not updating FB with my thoughts and prayers, not watching TV, and not wanting to delve into this except to remember how much I do love myself (it sounds bad, but you know what I mean) and will do all I can to make my life as good as possible. Maybe it’s time for a Julia/QAF/Sex and the City marathon.

I’ve been reading and highly recommend Noelle Hancock’s My Year with Eleanor, a memoir about facing fear and the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt. Also, The Psychopath Test, by Jon Ronson, which provides info on the obvious topic, along with a checklist and evidence of psychopaths all around us–especially in finance. Now Dish knows for sure she’s dodged at least three psychopaths.

A sad loss: Cliff Robertson has passed away at 88. Blessings on his coming and going. And of course, blessings on those souls who left us ten years ago.


Do not get addicted to this show. Real ghost stories told in dramatic fashion. TG and I are hooked, though he just revealed he doesn’t believe in ghosts. This after we both download Ghosttracker on our iPads and communicate regularly with spirits (okay, maybe that’s margarita and scotch). But tonight I learned how dangerous Ouija boards are and I have one unwrapped. I’m too afraid to open the gateway.

Can you believe this is more exciting than anything else in the tabloids? Well, some sad news–that HawthoRNe got canceled which means Jada and Marc Anthony are unemployed. Lindsay Lohan parked in front of a hydrant because she can’t help getting into trouble. Then, remember that icky story of a billionaire’s son who died, then his girlfriend was found hanging a week later? Well, the girlfriend’s death was ruled a suicide and her family is pissed. Sounds suspicious to Dish, too, very Dateline.

Thanks to a comment, it hits home that all tabloid news goes to promote a show/movie or to keep a fading star current. Modern oracle of Delphi Tom Cruise was right–that it’s all lies. Julia’s alleged over-vodka-drinking–Eat Pray Love; Brad’s wandering eye? Moneyball. Madonna’s boy toy pics? W.E. And it goes on and on and on. Mel Gibson’s arrests and alleged domestic abuse? Okay, maybe he is crazy. Can you tell Dish is jaded?

9:45pm, Eighth Avenue b/w 18th and 17th: TG and I went for a long walk, looked for stars at Dos Caminos but struck out. Turns out we found one close to home. Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert (Go back to bed, Liz) was walking arm-in-arm with a shorter, older man wearing a hat. Her hair was thrown haphazardly in a scrappy bun and she wore a reddish sundress. Nice picture overall. They chatted like long lost girlfriends and Dish overheard EG say, “…and she never had sex with the man.”

I’m *that* much closer to Julia now…

Ps. Dilemma, should Dish go to Duran Duran concert in Boston, mere days after another one of their concerts? Is that too insane?

I’m not sure why this is Duran Duran Appreciation Day. As far as I’m concerned, that should be every day.

Dish woke up at 5am to watch the truly atrocious Bachelor Pad–mostly to see the Vienna and Jake nonsense. They could all be used as landfill (something TG might say).

Dish might be taking a break from Dish. It seems futile to dish when there is so much other dish for others to read. I love reading tabloids but I loved more writing for a celebrity-adoring audience. After five years, what is the point dishing to my inner circle? I could just talk to them directly about my feelings regarding Jennifer Aniston’s sex life, Ashton’s taking over for feckless Sheen, or Lady GaGa’s latest baloney sandwich costume.

What is the point of a blog, aside from being watered down celebrity theory? Perhaps it’s time to infiltrate. Deep cover Dish. And as always, Duran Duran forever. And Julia.

Congratulations to Dishbrother who married his love Dishbrotherpartner! It was very moving. How else to recover from a great wedding than to watch the catty Part 2 of Real Housewives of New York City? Even TG had a hard time breaking away. Speaking of housewives, Desperate Housewives‘s last season is ending a year shorter than planned. Maybe because it’s been blowing lately? Maybe the fast-forward five years wasn’t brilliant, though it did give Gale Harold more work.

Why I love Kathy Griffin: My favorite incorrigible whore.

I’m reading things about The Normal Heart, to be directed by Ryan Murphy and possibly starring Julia and Mark Ruffalo. Cut to Dish running toward Julia yelling, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The play has had a huge resurgence but I just don’t see it as a movie and after Eat Pray Love, well, I can’t say it because Julia is Love itself. What about Notting Hill 2 instead?

A tidbit that seems like bs: Ryan Reynolds ended things with Charlize Theron b/c she was getting too serious. Women are such wily creatures. All we do is get too serious. One look at a man and we *have* to nail him down. After 10 years with a steady beau (whom she never married), I can’t really see this as true.

So, Janet Jackson was vindicated when Nicki Minaj slipped her nip GMA. And it was a huge slip with a bulging boob popping out of her spandex. WHY DIDN’T SHE WEAR A BRA??? When you have large gozongas, you keep them from popping out.

Allegedly, Daniel Craig’s ex charged a million $ on his credit card when he dismissed her for Rachel Weisz and wouldn’t return her phone calls. That’s hard core but I get it.

But even Julia couldn’t save the flick, especially since there wasn’t *enough* Julia. It was a me-me-me-fest for Tom Hanks (I do love him, tho) who co-wrote and directed this stinker. The performances were good–the script, super-bad and no burning chemistry between Tom and Julia. With cutesy cameos as filler and characters just farting around, the plot didn’t go anywhere. Hero-transformation (but not much changes really–he’s cool from start to finish), heavy drinking heroine pitches husband, cleans up her act and falls for hero, going over to his place to sample his “French toast.” Two embarrassing make-out sessions between T & J, super-ewwww. I wanted to love it, but I wouldn’t even save this for an alone-party full of facials, cake, and pedicures. If you have to see it, I suggest getting very intoxicated on whatever you can find. Sober, you’ll enjoy Lt. Ahura (sp.) from Star Trek (he’s awesome) and how beautifully Julia walks down halls in heels and cute dresses.

Tears of joy for Dish: It’s a boy–Julian Roger Taylor–for Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor and his wife Gisella Taylor. Congratulations to the family!

Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes confirmed for Bond #23. I am already standing in the ticket line. Officially Dish’s favorite Bond, Daniel Craig has breathed new life into this franchise. Having Javier in the film just makes me want to cry with happiness. Remember how amazing he was in No Country for Old Men…and EVERYTHING ELSE?

In sad news, Betty Ford has passed away. What a legend. Blessings on her coming and going.

Monday! My favorite day of the week. A kind stranger bought my way onto the subway, saying I seemed lost. I think it was the big red hair in my face. Was it Jesus? I *am* reading Joel Osteen’s Become a Better You just for the hell of it, even though I’m not *into* any kind of traditional God (aside from worship of Julia). His Sunday sermons are comforting. J.J. is bleeding from the eyes. No worries–I am still a heathen.

Desperate Housewives: Not sure why TG and I still watch this. We keep saying, “Wow, the writing is so tight.” Or “I didn’t expect that.” Why is Susan still alive? Bring back Gale Harold. Did not watch Brothers & Sisters but the lure of Sally Field might make me Hulu it. Damn that woman.

Still riding the high of The Book of Mormon. Thanks to my husband for being obsessed with South Park and getting the tickets.

Coachella: What was Rosanna Arquette doing interviewing musicians? Francis and the Lights seemed like a moron. Maybe not the most intellectual bunch overall. Duran Duran killed with Ana Matronic in “Safe.”

Here’s someone interesting to follow on Twitter: Elizabeth Hurley. A delight. This morning she had a flaky croissant with her coffee. This made me happy.