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Why are award shows so lame? The writers just aren’t funny, the stars are acting same-old and the speeches are repetitive. How many times can you hear, “I didn’t prepare anything to say. I didn’t think I would win.” Dish likes scandal and crazy at her awards– like Meryl Streep saying she needs to do yoga or Jack Nicholson’s talking through his butt or, yes, Ricky Gervais who makes the stars/audience tense. I love Jane Lynch. I thought she did a good job as hostess–especially the “why I’m a lesbian” and introducing the cast of Entourage, but the show dragged. Cut Emmytones, SNL dance/song number–make it a 2-hour show.

Highlights: Charlie Sheen was gracious indeed. Some lovely dresses, though Christina Hendricks’s boobies are two giant air bags squashed into a dress. I couldn’t look at anything else. Rainn Wilson tweeted his rage that Steve Carrell didn’t get an Emmy and I’m right with him there. Kathy Griffin–looking great in red–kissed Ryan Seacrest, an abomination.

Dish was on vacation today and, aside from speculating about Jennifer Aniston being preggo or not (wearing big coat does NOT help!), watched Limitless. I still believe–for no reason–that Bradley Cooper tortures small animals (his French is better than mine so must hate him!) but keep giving him a chance. He is competent in this sh*t-fest that is an obvious reference to our current drug culture. It might have been more interesting if Billy Crudup had been cast. Robert De Niro does his usual mentoring and you have to wonder why he’s in so many crappy movies. The biggest philosophical question Dish must raise: If we can take a pill to realize our fullest potential, doesn’t that mean no contact with others? When you bring the hell that is other people into the mix, that renders us vulnerable and imperfect. OMG, whole point of movie. Brilliance.

That took so much effort. Time for Dancing with the Stars!!!

Blessings on Dolores Hope who passed away at 102.


Congratulations to Dishbrother who married his love Dishbrotherpartner! It was very moving. How else to recover from a great wedding than to watch the catty Part 2 of Real Housewives of New York City? Even TG had a hard time breaking away. Speaking of housewives, Desperate Housewives‘s last season is ending a year shorter than planned. Maybe because it’s been blowing lately? Maybe the fast-forward five years wasn’t brilliant, though it did give Gale Harold more work.

Why I love Kathy Griffin: My favorite incorrigible whore.

I’m reading things about The Normal Heart, to be directed by Ryan Murphy and possibly starring Julia and Mark Ruffalo. Cut to Dish running toward Julia yelling, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The play has had a huge resurgence but I just don’t see it as a movie and after Eat Pray Love, well, I can’t say it because Julia is Love itself. What about Notting Hill 2 instead?

A tidbit that seems like bs: Ryan Reynolds ended things with Charlize Theron b/c she was getting too serious. Women are such wily creatures. All we do is get too serious. One look at a man and we *have* to nail him down. After 10 years with a steady beau (whom she never married), I can’t really see this as true.

So, Janet Jackson was vindicated when Nicki Minaj slipped her nip GMA. And it was a huge slip with a bulging boob popping out of her spandex. WHY DIDN’T SHE WEAR A BRA??? When you have large gozongas, you keep them from popping out.

Allegedly, Daniel Craig’s ex charged a million $ on his credit card when he dismissed her for Rachel Weisz and wouldn’t return her phone calls. That’s hard core but I get it.

So worth the wait in line. Though if you’re Dish-like, you *hate* crowds. Only McQueen’s recognizable brilliance made me withstand the stop-start of shuffling gawkers like myself. I’ll be dreaming about the red dresses, straight shoulders and S&M touches. Just get a membership to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and you can skip those lines. Yipee!

In high school, Katherine Heigl was the girl who found me useless. She was popular but had vicious habits behind closed doors (in-your-face flatulence, bulimia). Josh Duhamel was the hunk who paid no attention to me and was kind of a dick. He’d talk to me but have an eye for whoever was behind me. It was with some trepidation that I plopped in Life As We Know It. Verdict: Kind of cute, but Dish had a hard time getting past these two. They could be terrific in real life–except for the bad theater manners and nastiness to flight attendants. The material is average, perfect if you don’t want a challenge.

According to, Kathy Griffin maintains that diet and exercise are responsible for her skinniness at 50. She says she replaced unhealthy snacks with “fruits and veggies.” On Broadway this spring, she was super-twiggy, a little strung-out looking. I’m sure this assessment would make her day. I love her!