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A very low key day in celebrity haps. Mel Gibson had a large victory in court. He only has to pay his babymama 750K. And he’s worth gazillions. They both seem bananas. Another victory, some mysterious buyer (hmmmm) wants to take Kim Kardashian’s sex tape off the market. Now that she’s married, it doesn’t seem right to watch it incessantly as one is wont to do.

So, Dish got around to watching Just Go With It because Aniston can’t be missed. The story is highly predictable and The Wedding Singer is miles better as far as Sandler flicks go (yes, I saw Punch Drunk Love). Brooklyn Deckler has huge melon-breasts and she’s perfect. But so is JA. Older + not-so perfect (since it’s Aniston, not-so = perfect) – stable family/good income = funnier + more attractive. Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews are fantastic, bright spots in this dull as dirt movie. Nicole and Jennifer have amazing chemistry and I wondered, WHY? Wouldn’t they be competing? This is not the case. They complement each other beautifully–one sunny, funny honey-brown-blonde and one frosty crazy redhead. Then I realized they have one big thing in common: They both got ROYALLY screwed by their A-List exes. Can you imagine being a fly on the wall? Would love to see Aniston and Kidman star in their own movie.


You know you’re kewl when u hurl offstage during a concert. Kings of Leon singer, Jared Followill, went barfy barf during a very hot concert in Dallas. He even announced it aheadoftime. I pheel 4 u, bro. Sometimes the heat makes me want 2 yakk 2. Lukkily they reskeded during a kewler time.

More essentials: Ashton Kutcher has a *big* trailer (wink, wink) on the set of 2 and 1/2 Men.

Today’s alleged big lie: that Amy Winehouse was in the process of adopting 10-year-old girl from St. Lucia before her death. I’m having myself cloned so that I can be two places at once. My silicone self will have big hairy monkeys flying out of its butt.

Speaking of hair, Dish viewed Rabbit Hole. Nicole Kidman’s tresses looked fabulous, and she is her usual statuesque and striking self. Yes, I spent a lot of time examining her face and how it’s changed since Birth. Her brow had normal wrinkles, which I found refreshing. The lips have been altered, but not so ass-lips as when she was pregs with Sundae-Brunch. Film is v. sad, as you might predict. Great performances by everyone, including Jon Tenney who had the courage to go shirtless at 50. Overall, a touching “it never goes away but you gotta move on” film about death.