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It seems Monday has taken over as having the most Must-See TV. The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, A-List: New York, Bachelor Pad and now…Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s Politics Nation. Once TG finds out about this, you might hear a squeal in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. He loves Al and especially commends him on his weight loss. He’s so cuddly now.

In–ahem–sadder news, Paris Hilton’s reality show The World According to Paris has been canceled. Face it, Kim K. has taken over.

The Will Smith/Jada drama continues with who-knows-what gossip. TMZ reports that the marriage is in trouble. That Will allegedly walked in on Jada and Hawthorne co-star Marc Anthony and left in tears. I hope this is false but thirteen years is a great run in Hollywood! Drama aside: I do think Marc Anthony is a good actor, judging from the Hawthorne promos. Such interesting timing with his split with J.Lo. But would you choose Marc over Will?

Watching The Kennedys, the one with Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear. It is intensely boring. Don’t go beyond the first episode. No wonder why no big network wanted it.

Ben Flajnik is the new Bachelor. Bleh. He seems too normal. Will skip.

Dish is getting tickets to Duran Duran at MSG tomorrow and also sent mortifying high school term paper to their management company. All in a day’s work. So embarrassing. We are off to Montreal tomorrow for Honeymoon Part Deux. Let’s hope Irene doesn’t screw it all up.


I go through phases of loving the Brits and loathing them. Oh you think you sound so posh because you have an accent! Dennis Quaid over Hugh Grant! Maybe not. Dishreader, in the end, I adore the Brits — the history, literature, the royal scandals, Bridget Jones. I have a British man lulling me to sleep via hypnosis from my iPod (Thanks, Paul McKenna!) every night. I might just name my first-born after Judi Dench, Daniel Craig and all of the Durans. When I saw the commercial for the fall Maury-Povich-esque talk show featuring a Brit, I thought: I’m there. Jeremy Kyle’s show seems tawdry and awesome. Simon Cowell was awesome. Yes, I want drama and I want a Brit doling out in-your-face advice. Just Youtubed the show and it got old fast. Never mind!!!

Congratulations to Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter) and Benjamin Walker who just got hitched! Now that’s a lovely young theater couple.

In quick hits: McDreamy Eric Dane has entered rehab–sounds good, all going according to plan. I love the new poster for 2 and 1/2 Men featuring Ashton.

And finally, GMA‘s Dan Harris is my new hero for his interview with Paris Hilton. Just watch and be amazed.