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Congratulations to Dishbrother who married his love Dishbrotherpartner! It was very moving. How else to recover from a great wedding than to watch the catty Part 2 of Real Housewives of New York City? Even TG had a hard time breaking away. Speaking of housewives, Desperate Housewives‘s last season is ending a year shorter than planned. Maybe because it’s been blowing lately? Maybe the fast-forward five years wasn’t brilliant, though it did give Gale Harold more work.

Why I love Kathy Griffin: My favorite incorrigible whore.

I’m reading things about The Normal Heart, to be directed by Ryan Murphy and possibly starring Julia and Mark Ruffalo. Cut to Dish running toward Julia yelling, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The play has had a huge resurgence but I just don’t see it as a movie and after Eat Pray Love, well, I can’t say it because Julia is Love itself. What about Notting Hill 2 instead?

A tidbit that seems like bs: Ryan Reynolds ended things with Charlize Theron b/c she was getting too serious. Women are such wily creatures. All we do is get too serious. One look at a man and we *have* to nail him down. After 10 years with a steady beau (whom she never married), I can’t really see this as true.

So, Janet Jackson was vindicated when Nicki Minaj slipped her nip GMA. And it was a huge slip with a bulging boob popping out of her spandex. WHY DIDN’T SHE WEAR A BRA??? When you have large gozongas, you keep them from popping out.

Allegedly, Daniel Craig’s ex charged a million $ on his credit card when he dismissed her for Rachel Weisz and wouldn’t return her phone calls. That’s hard core but I get it.


Dishbrother, wish granted. New dirt on Britney Spears, and I mean, dirt. It may not be true, probably isn’t, but here goes! Her former bodyguard Fernando Flores is suing her, I guess, for like sexual harassment (did not read article thoroughly b/c attention span at 0). He says her personal hygiene is not so great. She picks her nose and passes gas (which a real person would never do). Despite all the advances she made, he wouldn’t succumb cause she stank. I’m sorry, Dish finds this hard to believe. Britney must smell like orchids and bubble gum. And if you love the stars, you put on that gas mask, look the other way and please the Queen Bee. Oh well, I wasn’t there.

Other than TG cooking a great dinner, my big excitement today was seeing the trailer for Dream Home, starring newly married in real life, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz: First priority: see if they have on-screen chemistry. I couldn’t see it. Maybe they were being cautious. My second observation: I do not like Daniel when his hair gets too long. Third: This flick looks scary as sh*t which means I have to see it!

Kim Kardashian has psoriasis.