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An End of Days clue came last year with whispers of Ashton straying. Ash & Demi then posed seductively on Twitter afterwards, with her arms and legs all over his. Phew, marriage intact. Now there are more whispers, with Demi hinting oh so cryptically that maybe life ain’t so rosy with a man who could be Dish’s son (using high science). Posting/not posting on Twitter is clear evidence of clear BS to Dish. I believe all was done for a while. Most stars break up. I just want to know…when will Bruce and Demi get back together?

RHoBH: New housewives Brandi Glanville is branding herself as a bitch, but I’m so over it. There are enough bitches in the housewives franchise. How is she different? Does she read books? It’s sad to see how Taylor *is* getting frighteningly skinny. I say, send her and her daughter to Canyon Ranch for at least six months. I’ll join!

A List New York: I keep saying I’ll stop watching but I can’t. It’s Gay White Trash.

Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial is happening. My problem with this is, yes, he was probably irresponsible. But so many other doctors are involved…and Michael Jackson did the bulk of the damage to himself in his adult years.


When the flight attendant told him to wait to use the loo, Gerard Depardieu peed in the aisle. They had to clean for 2 hours after. Il make le powerful Whizz. Witnesses said he was tanked. His camp said he tried to peed in a bottle but spilled some on the carpet. “What a foul man,” TG said, strong words since we are both Francophiles.

Still sad about Russell Armstrong’s suicide. I watched RHoBH, therefore, I knew him personally. No really, it’s the kind of news that makes you remember how much — Julia says it best — nonsense it all is. Love is the answer.

You know, I’ve been reading for a while and it’s harshing my mellow. All these outlandish–obviously untrue–headlines are soundly rejected as false. How sassy of them to go against the fun lies? Though their writers are quite engaging.

The news today hasn’t been good so I consoled myself with the latest Bachelor Pad (I know, I said I wouldn’t) and wound up in tears at the end over a touching gesture of love between two contestants. If you watch, you know what I’m talking about. There *are* some normal people on these shows. Everyone else is barking crazy.

Holy freaking crapwagons: Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong’s husband Russell committed suicide, found dead last night. It seems severe financial problems and recent divorce filing pushed him over the edge. Yish. I’m sure having your entire life scrutinized on reality TV didn’t help! Poor bastard. It’s just awful that his three kids will have to live with this. There’s a ton of blame going around, but Dish feels that suicide is one person’s fault. Some people have a breaking point when it comes to dealing with hellish circumstances.

In lighter news: Jessica Simpson is not preggo most likely because she was seen staggering drunk recently. So, the bottom line is that she’s just F*A*T, as in a normal weight by most of our standards. Enjoy it, girl!

I’m just happy that Sean Hayes is back on TV soon with a new series where he plays a gay dad raising a child with his partner. On NBC! Can life get better? Yes! Jennifer Aniston will appear on Days of Our Lives as her real-life father’s wedding planner. I’m set.

For a few years now I’ve wondered when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony would divorce, which is cruel of me. They announced their split yesterday. I remember when they got married. June 5, 2004, the day Ronald Reagan died (I think). What a sweet couple, though it seemed like a rebound marriage. She’d been engaged to Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony had only recently divorced from his wife. Jennifer is larger than life, a burst of sunshine on the screen. Every time she appeared with MA, she seemed bigger–though I have a large faction of Marc Anthony fans who felt she tainted him and his career. He’s looked terrible of late, withering to nothing and hiding behind sunglasses. I won’t speculate any more. I just hope the split is amicable for them both.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wife Taylor is divorcing Russell, who seemed like a total jackass. Maybe he volunteered for a shelter in his spare time. Benefit of the doubt?

In happier news, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo finally got married in a private ceremony away from the hullabaloo. Yeah, I’m sure their nuptials would have been flooded with paps. Forgive the snarkiness. TG has strep throat. Today is our six-month anniversary but he is on the couch, healing. Even sick, he is a joy to be with.