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It seems Monday has taken over as having the most Must-See TV. The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, A-List: New York, Bachelor Pad and now…Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s Politics Nation. Once TG finds out about this, you might hear a squeal in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. He loves Al and especially commends him on his weight loss. He’s so cuddly now.

In–ahem–sadder news, Paris Hilton’s reality show The World According to Paris has been canceled. Face it, Kim K. has taken over.

The Will Smith/Jada drama continues with who-knows-what gossip. TMZ reports that the marriage is in trouble. That Will allegedly walked in on Jada and Hawthorne co-star Marc Anthony and left in tears. I hope this is false but thirteen years is a great run in Hollywood! Drama aside: I do think Marc Anthony is a good actor, judging from the Hawthorne promos. Such interesting timing with his split with J.Lo. But would you choose Marc over Will?

Watching The Kennedys, the one with Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear. It is intensely boring. Don’t go beyond the first episode. No wonder why no big network wanted it.

Ben Flajnik is the new Bachelor. Bleh. He seems too normal. Will skip.

Dish is getting tickets to Duran Duran at MSG tomorrow and also sent mortifying high school term paper to their management company. All in a day’s work. So embarrassing. We are off to Montreal tomorrow for Honeymoon Part Deux. Let’s hope Irene doesn’t screw it all up.


Yes, Dish has extended her fifteen minutes of fame. It all has to do with my phenomenal love story and wedding to TG. I’d give you the link, but then I wouldn’t be so anonymous (wink, wink).

Also in the news: J.Lo celebrating her 42 years on Earth, gracing us with some very spontaneous killer ab shots. Thanks, Jennifer! Dish would do the same but you’d need sunglasses with how snowy white my belly is.

Amy Winehouse autopsy inconclusive, funeral tomorrow. Her song sales have skyrocketed. Can you just imagine the Amy memorabilia and imitators that will surface?

Right now, TG and I are catching up on our The Closer. He just claimed to have met Alan and Adam Arkin at a party in Bel Air (lie). Now he’s yelling at me that I’m not paying attention to Jon Tenney, a fond love of Dish’s since he was on Equal Justice. What will we do when we go to Montreal on vacation? We might have to do touristy things and grace the world with our fluent French…

Dishdoctor says I don’t need to go cold turkey on the sugar. I should only inhale chocolate ever OTHER day. It’s a good habit to break since sugar addiction is a slippery slope. I’ll be like Brenda on The Closer and look longingly at a Mr. Goodbar. And Snickers and Reeses.

I am an easy target. I read in People about Russell Crowe Tweeting about his weight loss. Now I’m following Russell so that I can keep up to date with his progress. Like Dish, he gets fat easily so compassion is there. This is a Before picture, BTW. Though, like all celebs who get bloated, he still shimmers with beer sweat like Gerard Butler the celebrity aura.

She was wonderful in Black Swan and Milan Kunis shows a sense of fun by saying yes to a Sgt. Scott Moore’s request that she be his date at a ball in November. Adorable! How excellent of her.

Did you see the pictures of Will and Kate in Hollywood? Breathtaking. They belong there!

TG is counting the seconds until Rizzoli & Isles premieres tonight.