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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affect are having #3. It seems Hillary Duff can’t do Bonnie and Clyde because she’s pregs. I was waiting for her to blow away Faye Dunaway’s performance. Kim Stewart and Benicio Del Toro are now the parents of a baby girl.

The most important was The Glee Project last night. This was TG’s favorite show of the season and it’s the happiest I’ve seen him since he discovered livestreaming episodes of The Munsters on Netflix. The person I wanted to win didn’t. Well, she sort of did. Ugh… This was why I left teaching.

Just saw some pics of Kim Kardashian in wedding regalia: love the dress, makeup, veil–but the hair is severely boring. If only JJ had been there to help her.

For now Dish is partaking in the deliciously bad Lifetime or Hallmark Honeymoon for One starring vixen Nicollette Sheridan (the funnest Desperate Housewife of them all) and Sense and Sensibility hunk Greg Wise. The flick is a step down for both of them, but it’s $$$ and a girl’s gotta make a buck and there are mush brains like Dish who will appreciate watching the contrived cute-meet as Greg smacks into Nicollette and they hate each other for no reason. She’s on her honeymoon after her boring fiancĂ© cheats on her. So cute and not cliche at all is when she wears her Loboutins around the Irish countryside, doing some adorable teetering before falling in the creek. Wonder if she’ll realize the truth of life, slow down and enjoy the scenery with Irish Spring Greg.


What sordid lives these people lead. Ex-Hef-fiansay told Howard Stern that sex with Hef lasted a few seconds. Ewww and can you BLAME HIM? He’s a thousand years old and if I were surrounded by boobies all day, I’d grow tired and uninterested in flesh. Now people are defending Hef, testifying to his long-lasting libido. Ew.

More ew: A giant uproar about Katherine Heigl’s being 20 minutes late to The Book of Mormon, disrupting viewers with these antics and then smoking an electric cigarette during the show. No manners. If I were rich, I’d still get to the show on time.

A special shout-out to John Amos, one of Dish’s favorite actors. He’s just so cuddly and magnetic on screen. At this moment, TG is immersed in an episode of Good Times, which, to Dish, is way better than The Munsters, his last obsession. I can tell how happy TG is by how often he wiggles his toes. Good Times = mega wiggle.

Pics of Rachel Weizs’s wedding band have surfaced and she and I are kindred spirits. We have the same simple band.

Just when I was praising her business savvy, Kat Von D left two interviews and canceled the promotion for her new season of L.A. Ink, no doubt due to press over her recent breakup with Jesse James. This lady needs to have a serious talk with Shirley MacLaine, who performs even when she’s yakking her brains out. Stiff upper lip. Do the job.